Fascinating Attractions Found at Children’s Museum of Acadiana

The Children’s Museum of Acadiana is Sciencetellers, a program where professional storytellers use science experiments to illustrate stories. The stories are filled with adventure and interactive demonstrations, allowing children to witness the experiments. Participants can make conclusions as they engage in the story. This program is recommended for children aged five to twelve, but parents are welcome to join in the fun. Learn information about Lafayette, LA.

The KIDWorks Gallery is a unique exhibit featuring art created by local children. It’s designed to stimulate young imaginations and encourage kids to explore the world around them. This vibrant and colorful gallery has many interactive stations for children to create their works of art using media like paint, clay, and sand. They are also encouraged to use their imagination to create their pieces. The KIDWorks Gallery is a great way to inspire kids and explore their creativity in an open and safe environment. Discover facts about By investigating the Latest Discoveries at the Lafayette Science Museum.

The Kids-on-the-Go Play Center is an exciting place for kids to play and have a great time. The play center is designed to stimulate their creative and motor skills while they explore and have fun. It has various interesting interactive features, from a sign language station to a maze. Plenty of play space, colorful décor, and even a water feature make the experience even more fun.