Broussard in Louisiana: A taste of Louisiana charm

Broussard, Louisiana, is a small city in the southern part of the state. It is the seat of Lafayette Parish and is part of the Lafayette, Louisiana, metropolitan area. The city is named after Jean Broussard, a leader of the Acadian people who settled in the area in the 1760s. The Acadians were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1750. They settled in Louisiana, including Broussard. Information can be found here.

Broussard is located on Interstate 10, about 20 miles west of Lafayette. The city is home to the Broussard Sports Complex, which hosts baseball, soccer, and softball games. Broussard is a charming city with a taste of Louisiana culture. There are several restaurants and cafes in Broussard that serve Louisiana cuisine. Broussard has a variety of shops and boutiques. See here for information about Scott in Louisiana: A Great Place to Visit.

Broussard is a great place to visit if you want to taste Louisiana culture. The city has a lot to offer and will charm you with its friendly people and laid-back atmosphere.